Datadrive Acceptable Use Agreement

Datadrive is committed to providing quality, high-speed internet access, domain hosting and FTP services to it's customers. We strongly believe that the internet is an incredible resource for all to enjoy. However, it can also be abused by those who find humor or some kind of satisfaction in harming others. Datadrive asks you to help us identify and resolve any questions about appropriate use of this resource. Following are what we believe to be an appropriate "acceptable use" policy. If we find someone who is abusing the system we will "first educate, then terminate" if necessary.

All Datadrive customers are responsible for reviewing and complying with this Acceptable Use Policy. This Policy is subject to change with notice by publication on this webpage; customers are responsible for monitoring this web site for changes. This Policy was last updated on January 7, 2002.


Datadrive customers may not use Datadrive's network, machines, or services in any manner which


Prohibited activity includes but is not limited to unauthorized use (or attempted unauthorized use) of any machines or networks, denial of service attacks, falsifying header information or user identification information, monitoring or scanning the networks of others without permission, sending unsolicited bulk e-mail, maintaining an open mail relay, collecting e-mail addresses from the Internet for the purpose of sending unsolicited bulk e-mail or to provide collected addresses to others for that purpose, and transmitting or receiving copyright-infringing or obscene material.



The following activities are examples of the kinds of things that are prohibited.


The World Wide Web and FTP

The web space and public FTP space included with your particular account may not be resold or used for adult-oriented material. Datadrive reserves the right to require that sites using such web or FTP space which receive high amounts of traffic be moved to other servers.

Web pages and FTP files may not contain any material, text, or images, whether hosted on Datadrive servers or "transclusioned" (images from another site displayed on the page) which violate or infringe any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory, common law, or proprietary rights of others. Web pages and FTP files may not contain links that initiate downloads of copyright-infringing or other illegal material. Those who believe users of Datadrive's services are infringing their copyrights must submit their complaints in writing to our


Internet Relay Chat

Using IRC bots is prohibited. Flooding, cloning, spoofing, harassment, or otherwise hindering the ability of others to properly use IRC is prohibited. Impersonating other users, advertising, and spamming via IRC is prohibited.


Servers and Proxies

Users may not run on Datadrive servers any program which makes a service or resource available to others, including but not limited to port redirectors, proxy servers, chat servers, MUDs, file servers, and IRC bots. Users may not run such programs on their own machines to make such services or resources available to others through a Datadrive dialup account; a dedicated access account is required for such purposes.

Any programs, scripts, or processes which generate excessive server load on Datadrive servers are prohibited and Datadrive reserves the right to terminate or suspend any such program, script, or process.


Storing files

The storage of any program, utility or file on Datadrive's servers the use of which would constitute a violation of this policy is prohibited. For example, it is a violation to store hacker scripts, IRC bots, or spamming software on Datadrive's servers.